17th of May!

The day of Norway!

17th of May is the day that Norway became independent and they make such a HUGE celebration!

In Oslo ALL the schools go to meet the Royal family at the palace in Karl Johans street with thousands of norwegian flags!


And of course, they are wearing traditional norwegian clothes!


Aren’t they beautiful?

Also, this day there is no rules for food! You can eat whatever you what whenever you want!!

Everyone enjoys this day, not only norwegians!

This was one of the best celebrations I have ever seen. I will come again next year!

Art exhibitions in Norway!


So I have been here in Norway for a while now and all I can say is that I love literally EVERYTHING.

Back in my first day at Magikon Forlag, I remember being so nervous, but now it feels completely normal to say “I’m going to work! Bye!” to my awesome and wonderful hosts every morning.

My boss, Svein Størksen and his wife Kristin Roskifte are the coolest people ever. They are both illustrators and Svein also a publisher, which is pretty amazing! Imagine publishing a book someday!

I’m having such a nice time at Magikon! I have been doing some covers for books, also helping a bit with some other books…

Also thanks to Svein I have met a lot of people: famous writers, more illustrators, other publishers…

Here in Norway, Edvard Munch is the most important artist ever, so they have a museum called Munch even! Svein and I went to the preview of an exhibiton there and it was just A-M-A-Z-I-N-G. I loved it. I felt in love with those paintings!

18268433_1318169278218440_5246594598853742902_n(inside the museum)


Some days before going to see Munch’s exhibition, I went to another one of a japanese artist called Murakami.


It was so nice and colorful! I even got a poster of one of the paintings, sadly there was no clothing merchandising or would have bought it all!

So… in general I am enjoying this, it is being such a good experience! I will for sure come back and stay longer, maybe not even booking a ticket back to Spain!



Hej hej!

So finally I am here in Scandinavia! I am so excited to start the internship at Magikon Forlag in Kolbotn (Norway).

Many people have asked me “why Norway?“, well let’s know the story…

I have always been interested in the north, their culture, their weather… since I am andalusian and all I have known is warm weather and wearing shoes inside (yes, here you MUST take them off before you enter to a house or they will think you are so rude!!!).

Eight years ago, my grandma decided to let people from other countries in Europe stay at her (super big, huge) house for one year so they could learn spanish. A lot of people have come to my grandma’s house, but I must say there was a norwegian girl which is one of the nicest girls I have ever met. Her parents and sister are awesome. So when I saw this oportunity I was so happy that I could stay in their house!

13244105_1013272892041415_4966365399654532958_o[Photo of me and the norwegian family I am staying with]

Also, another reason why I love Scandinavia is that my long-distance relationship partner is swedish! Yes, it sounds crazy, but we have been a couple for almost two years and we are very happy together even if we don’t see eachother so much. I have been in Sweden in Easter, before coming to Norway, and now I can say I am getting used to these languages!

[Photos of Sweden]

All the scandinavian languages are pretty similar and I have been studying them a little bit, so I won’t only learn english but norwegian and swedish!

I have to say thanks to my parents and my family for letting me go in this nordic adventure. They have always been so nice to me and they have always helped me in following my art dreams so I’ll do my best not only for me but for them, to make them be proud of me! Even if they are more than 3000 kilometres away!

I have a feeling that this will be a super nice spring!

Hej då!