Home again

After three wonderful months, I can say that the last two of them have been, possibly, the most intense. It was time to organize farewells, buy souvenirs, visit all the missing sites and prepare to return.


I would love to find a job and be able to return to Prague, of course, I have fallen in love with this city. I leave behind great friends, wonderful people, and an infinity of unforgettable memories. Every place, every street. Every museum. Every piece of art. Every day accompanied by my people. Thanks to all of them for making my stay something unique. I can say that this has been the best experience of my life and I would repeat it without any doubt.


Thank you Václav, for welcoming me into your bar and being, more than an owner or a waiter, a great friend. Thank you, Vodoug, for your stylish humor, what would become of the Ego teabar without its charismatic co-owner? Continue studying Spanish, Ondra. Alena, stay the same crazy, never change. The bar needs your touch, with so much man. Of course, Honza, your kindness and sweetness are unique. And of course, Tomas, calm, I was not going to forget the most educated, handsome and great guy in all of Slovakia, and possibly the whole Czech Republic. Rodion, you’re the clear stereotype of crazy Russian and that’s why you’re absolutely great and awesome. Simon, you are the person with whom I have had the best and most intelligent conversations. And if I continue to write names, I would need a week to mention all the people who have passed through my life and have left a permanent imprint on it.


It doesn’t matter the country. It doesn’t matter the distancce. Thank you all. We will see each other again, I promise. In Spain or again in Prague, or perhaps in Poland, Russia or any of your cities. Guys, you, and the Czech Republic, have made me fallen in love. I love you with all my heart. A huge kiss to all!


Visiting the beauties of Prague

I have had some really intense weeks, in which I have not stopped visiting new places. In addition, my parents came to visit, and I showed them the city, walking through the main squares and streets, and seeing the most important buildings, and of course, taking them to eat at my favorite restaurants.


I decided to visit some interesting museums and places, such as the National Gallery, near the top of Wenceslas Square. It was interesting to see the area called Noah’s Ark, where they had a large number of dissected animals. That way I could see in just a few hours more different animal species than I could see in many years.


I also went to different museums of contemporary art, which collected the work of various authors. One of them was close to John Lennon’s famous wall, a wall full of graffiti in which everyone can leave his signature (although a small, ignored poster kindly asks not to be modified).


A friend took us of travel by different cities of the zone of Bohemia. It was cold and rainy days, but we were able to enjoy the beauty of the natural sites, walk through the huge parks and contemplate the different buildings, while talking about stories and events of these places, from a small Gothic church in the interior of a forest, to the gigantic artificial ponds that they use to fish, or various castles very beautiful and cared for. We observed the great citizenship of the citizens, for the tranquility of the different wild animals, such as the ducks of the ponds or the pair of peacocks that lived free in one of the cities, and walked without any kind of fear among the inhabitants, really close to the people.

My most recent visit was to the botanical garden in Prague. It is a gigantic park through which visitors can take long walks observing the plants cataloged in different areas according to their origin, being able to see from the classic Japanese forest, with a zone of meditation, until all an American style forest, with different sculptures of several authors. In addition, one of the areas of this garden is the enclosure called Fata Morgana, a butterfly garden. There we can walk among dozens of different species that fly without fear among visitors, let themselves be photographed very closely and sometimes end up posing in your body to rest for a while. I was amazed by such beauty. And definitely, the butterflies are flirty and love being photographed.

Mixed Styles

There is something that is clear, and is that Prague is a great mix of styles and cultures. Every day that I walk through its streets I am surprised and find new things. I have to say a point against him and it is sometimes that I am sorry to see sculptures and facades of buildings, beautiful by their style, completely dirty and careless. They have a beautiful architecture, I hope they take care of it more.

Something impressive in the city is to find buildings of the purest Gothic style, but which also has a darker touch than usual. They remind me of the castle of Beauty and the Beast. I say they look like the castle of a Final Boss of some video game.


It’s scary, eh? It is majestic.
However, you can also find the opposite style, such as the famous ‘Building Danzante’, this strange construction crooked as if it were melting, or strange works like these bronze babies.

Moreover, another topic to talk about is life in the student residence. It’s interesting that strange coexistence that I have with other colleagues. My roommate is a Russian girl, friendly and talkative, very open minded who helps me in everything. However, the ones in the front room (we are two rooms sharing common kitchen and toilet) are strange … they never speak, just greet and avoid all human contact. They are quite antisocial, I have the theory that they are aliens …

Just kidding. I guess it’s a matter of luck.
I have done my own gastronomic experiments, because I still do not know how to cook Czech cuisine and although the restaurants are not expensive, I can not eat in them every day. My last successful experiment was the purple vegetable soup. Delightfully chromatic.


To finish I leave you the images of the last work that I have done in the school, a stamping of engraving on wood. Try to find all the animals! It was hard, the first time I worked this material, I ended up tired but I liked being able to try something new, I can not wait for my next job.

I plan to go to the zoo in Prague and make several trips in the next few days, and I’ll tell you. Regards!



First month: monuments, gastronomy and… Flu


In this first month we have visited everything we could of the city. Museums, monuments, streets and corners. We have tried different types of food, from Czech cuisine to some Vietnamese restaurants (a cheap and healthy option, because not every day we can spend a lot in expensive restaurants)

With our transport voucher and our student card we found good offers, and it is always nice to save money on museums, cinemas and events.


However, I was unlucky enough to have the flu last week. Many people are getting sick, and I could not get free. Luckily, I have good friends and a great roommate who have taken care of me, and who have suffered from my cough and sneezing.


I continue going every day that I can to the Ego teahouse, in the Dormitory Podolí, to have a good time with the friends. We’ve already been invited to a birthday party and more parties. We did not expect the Prague experience to be so indescribably spectacular.


One of the most flashy places I have ever visited is a toy store called Hamley’s, full of activities for kids and adults, which simply, you have to meet. I leave this photo just as an example of what you can find here:


Praha – Chronicles of first two weeks

I’ve been here for two weeks, and I have not really had time to write a good post about my stay.

The first weekend, we had to sleep in a hostel, because we arrived on a Saturday and we could not complete the student residence paperwork until Monday. We slept in the hostel Little Quarter, and there we met a Japanese boy named Ken. We made a friendship instantly, the lad was incredibly friendly and kind to us. He taught us a good part of the city and took us to very interesting sites such as a medieval tavern or some impressive monuments.

In addition, we met many Spanish speakers from different cities with whom we had a great weekend.

Then we finally settled in the residence. My room consists of a kitchen and a bathroom common to two rooms. I share mine with a roommate, but the first few days were strange to me, since my roommate was absent, and those in the opposite room always remained in her bedroom, with the door closed. I felt a little lost without knowing how the coexistence of this type worked. It took me three days to cross for the first time with one of them, but he just greeted me and little more …

Anyway, that was not problematic for me, because I could sleep alone in my room without being disturbed by anyone.

We met at the School of Arts a girl from Granada, with whom we also stayed for some walks. We have been seeing very interesting sites like the astronomical clock, and visited a restaurant called Vytópna where you can get the beers brought by small trains.

At school everything was awesome. It is a small school, but very well equipped. The teachers have been very kind to us and have given us a lot of freedom to start the work, although some of them speak in classes only in Czech, and that makes us bored a little.

That’s my painting in process, do you like it? 😀

We have continued to visit the city and discover new places each time. However, one of the most interesting places in town was in our own residence and we did not know it, until my friend’s roommate showed it to us.

The place is called Ego chajbar, and is under one of the buildings of the residence. It’s a quiet place with good music, where you can sit on the carpets, cushions and puffs while you drink a good beer, smoke a hookah, play board games or use the Wi-Fi, as I’m doing now to write this entry. And most importantly, it is full of wonderful people with whom in these few days we have been able to chat, have great moments, laugh and feel closer to this city. Thanks for all that!


Farewell dinner

Last night I had a farewell dinner with my family, my partner and my friends. It’s only three months, but it’s the first time I travel outside and I’m really excited! We had homemade sushi, we love international food. It’s great to travel when you know that on the way back, wonderful people await you! I love you all!! foto-despedida-1

Playing tetris with suitcase

ff8f370f-aad9-4210-9f58-28ee5b2488bdI’m packing the suitcase for Prague, making sure I do not miss anything. Will I have enough warm clothing? I take the gloves that gave me a friend, and the snow pants that I borrowed from another of my friends. Each garment is a souvenir of a different person, to accompany me during the trip.

I know it’s going to be difficult to study the different subjects at the same time while attending the school of arts in Cordoba … but surely the experience is incredible, it’s going to be very worthwhile.

It’s like playing tetris with my clothes. I imagine the repetitive song in my head as I organize everything. Of course, my camera will come with me, I do not want to lose detail.