Im posting my last text, even knowing that my adventure just started, yes I don´t have on mind to come back, not yet, but let me start from the beginning.

The ADI was a really good experience, everything on it, the subjects, professors, task we did, classmates were awesome, now Ive got really good Czech friends from school, we use to meet at least once at week, and we often go to art events or exhibitions.

The people from the dorms are really cool, I also made a couple friends in here, actually some of them were helping me to get a job to stay a little longer in here, because of them I got a job one month ago, the job to be honest it was not what I expected, but that job better than no job, because I need no save money otherwise I wont be able to afford my studies in Cordoba next year, Cordoba or wherever I would be, anyway the job was as gardener taking care of the garden around the dorms, an student job but I need to make money so I took it.

Meanwhile I was going to jobs meeting, I was sending some resumes thought internet jobs websites, also I was attending classes, and to be honest having fun too.

And Suddenly I received an email from a company which was hiring for Spanish speakers people with also English, to work as a costumer support for an airline, in that email they told me they were interested in my application, so I had to pass a couple jobs interviews, the first one was through the phone, It was pretty nice, the next one through Skype, I was really nervous at the beginning, but I did it pretty decent I thought, and the last one was at the workplace, a really cool place at Old-town square, Florentium its the name on the offices, the workplace completely amazed me, and I was really nervous my chest bumping and my hands sweeting, but suddenly I saw something, right in front of my which made me change, something really unexpected.

20170513_150029 That painting, I saw it before, more than one year ago at ARCO Madrid the biggest Art and design exhibition in Spain, Im not sure if its the same composition, but Im pretty sure that its the same artist.

That was a sing for me, all my insecurities just gone in that moment, I had the chance to change something really important in my life, I really wanted the job, in that moment I felt so confident and able to do anything to keep fighting for my future, to be honest I think that working for an airline Its really important in a resume, I went to the interview place and I nailed, I never thought Id be able to make a good job interview in any other language It was not my mother tongue, but I did it, I GOT THE JOB.

The benefits, salary, promotion and career possibilities are really good, I´m really thankful and still hard to believe for me, because everything is going the way I want to in here.


Home is where your heart is, and a big piece of mine is now in here Czech Republic, Praga is big multicultural city, surrounded of art and design, and I love that, my favorite restaurant is Russian, my barber is african, I got friends from everywhere, the beer is really nice, the people, the night life, touristic places, and the chances is offering me, I actually rejected a job offer from amazon, I never though Id do something like that.

The world is for brave people, and I think Im taking the risk.

Least but not last, thanks for this chance Mateo Inurria crowd, you changed my life.





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