Home again

After three wonderful months, I can say that the last two of them have been, possibly, the most intense. It was time to organize farewells, buy souvenirs, visit all the missing sites and prepare to return.


I would love to find a job and be able to return to Prague, of course, I have fallen in love with this city. I leave behind great friends, wonderful people, and an infinity of unforgettable memories. Every place, every street. Every museum. Every piece of art. Every day accompanied by my people. Thanks to all of them for making my stay something unique. I can say that this has been the best experience of my life and I would repeat it without any doubt.


Thank you Václav, for welcoming me into your bar and being, more than an owner or a waiter, a great friend. Thank you, Vodoug, for your stylish humor, what would become of the Ego teabar without its charismatic co-owner? Continue studying Spanish, Ondra. Alena, stay the same crazy, never change. The bar needs your touch, with so much man. Of course, Honza, your kindness and sweetness are unique. And of course, Tomas, calm, I was not going to forget the most educated, handsome and great guy in all of Slovakia, and possibly the whole Czech Republic. Rodion, you’re the clear stereotype of crazy Russian and that’s why you’re absolutely great and awesome. Simon, you are the person with whom I have had the best and most intelligent conversations. And if I continue to write names, I would need a week to mention all the people who have passed through my life and have left a permanent imprint on it.


It doesn’t matter the country. It doesn’t matter the distancce. Thank you all. We will see each other again, I promise. In Spain or again in Prague, or perhaps in Poland, Russia or any of your cities. Guys, you, and the Czech Republic, have made me fallen in love. I love you with all my heart. A huge kiss to all!



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