Travels change us

I know i’m very lost. But being honest, I do not stop doing things. And I’m very happy. I think that travels changes us, makes us better. We learn from the people around us. I feel that I am learning a lot of things and I am having the opportunity to do many things that I have done in Spain. Every time I feel more happy with my drawings and I am very happy with a new subject that I have entered that is called screenprinting: and it is very funny because we are learning to stamp shirts. I will show you the first design I have printed.IMG_2503IMG_3393.JPGimg_3397.jpg

The communication with my roommate is great and above all I feel happy because I have my privacy. Apart from exploring the immense Naples, I have met people from other countries: France, Germany, Mexico, Russia, England, Turkey, China, etc. And you realize how important it is to know languages and the power it has English. It’s a great truth that without English, you do not do anything outside. It is the key that opens you to communicate with other foreign erasmus students. And we have to fight for languages to never be a barrier. Because communication with someone from a country other than your own is so amazing: culture, the way of being, the pace of life, etc. It’s amazing how much I’m learning from my foreign friends.

And it’s great because I had the opportunity to photograph foreign people, in this case I will show some photos that I gave to Meggy, a Chinese classmate. I will also show some of the photos I have been making more artistic, although I am doing a lot of photos of the city. And I’m recording small videos videos whenever I can put them all together once my trip ends.


People like my work and that makes me very happy because it encourages me to keep fighting to live from art.

Naples is great, it’s a very open mind city, very crazy city. But it’s crazy, it amazes you. And I highly recommend this experience. But perhaps the best advice is for you to create your own adventure. Because many times people have an expectation about things. And then you realize that things are not like that. I say this because many people think that Naples is a dangerous city and I think it is dangerous to any other city can be. I have never felt bad or had any problems with anyone. I have not been robbed and I have not seen a dangerous environment down the street, this does not mean that you are not careful. What I say is that many times you have to stop listening to people and live your own experience.

I will continue to tell you my adventures in Naples, but it is truly an unforgettable experience.


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