Visiting the beauties of Prague

I have had some really intense weeks, in which I have not stopped visiting new places. In addition, my parents came to visit, and I showed them the city, walking through the main squares and streets, and seeing the most important buildings, and of course, taking them to eat at my favorite restaurants.


I decided to visit some interesting museums and places, such as the National Gallery, near the top of Wenceslas Square. It was interesting to see the area called Noah’s Ark, where they had a large number of dissected animals. That way I could see in just a few hours more different animal species than I could see in many years.


I also went to different museums of contemporary art, which collected the work of various authors. One of them was close to John Lennon’s famous wall, a wall full of graffiti in which everyone can leave his signature (although a small, ignored poster kindly asks not to be modified).


A friend took us of travel by different cities of the zone of Bohemia. It was cold and rainy days, but we were able to enjoy the beauty of the natural sites, walk through the huge parks and contemplate the different buildings, while talking about stories and events of these places, from a small Gothic church in the interior of a forest, to the gigantic artificial ponds that they use to fish, or various castles very beautiful and cared for. We observed the great citizenship of the citizens, for the tranquility of the different wild animals, such as the ducks of the ponds or the pair of peacocks that lived free in one of the cities, and walked without any kind of fear among the inhabitants, really close to the people.

My most recent visit was to the botanical garden in Prague. It is a gigantic park through which visitors can take long walks observing the plants cataloged in different areas according to their origin, being able to see from the classic Japanese forest, with a zone of meditation, until all an American style forest, with different sculptures of several authors. In addition, one of the areas of this garden is the enclosure called Fata Morgana, a butterfly garden. There we can walk among dozens of different species that fly without fear among visitors, let themselves be photographed very closely and sometimes end up posing in your body to rest for a while. I was amazed by such beauty. And definitely, the butterflies are flirty and love being photographed.



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