My best friend just left today, and i want to make a resume of our expierence together at Prage.

First if all let me introduce my best friend, his name is Lito and i met him at high school, we are not family at all, but almost because my cousin’s wife is her cousin, actually we did not realize about this a long time after We met each other.

Well, He has been looking for a flight for a while, but Its hard to get a good deal to flight from Sevilla to Prague, anyway, He did it, He doesn’t had to pay for accommodation because he stayed at my place those almost 5 days he spent at the city.

I picked him up at the airport and two hours after he landed we got our first cocktail at Nebe, a music club which is at Wenceslas square, i know Nebe because it was the first club I hit at the city, my Belarusians mates took me there and i had a really good time with them, after that we went to have a walk old town square along, after that we went home, it was the first night so we decided to get home early to enjoy the morning, having a walk at old town square.

We been at old town square, on the change of hour at the astronomical clock, Charles bridge, John Lennon, and all those touristic places, we tried some Czech food, pork knee and Goulash, also some ethnic food vietnamese and japannese, at first and second day.

at the end of the second day we decided to had some drinks at night, so we went to a club, i told about it to my Belorussian mates so they came with us, and we had a really good time with them, it was a UNYP ( University of Yew York in Prague) party it was at Radost in which Rihanna Filmed “Don´t Stop the music” yeah It sounds crazy Rihanna at Prague filmed that video … actually that club its really close to my “dorms” at I.P. Pavlova area.

At the third day We went to a big Nike´s event, at the Dancing house it was awesome, we are sneaker-heads which it means that We really are into the shoes design, we can tell technology, materials even designers when We see a pair of sneakers, so we enjoy this event, the Nike´s team did a really good job at it, they set it up at one of the best buildings at Prague, a cubism architecture one, They collaborated with some artists and designers from Prague for the event so they had some installations the main topic of them was the nike box. the name of the event was “Kiss My Airs” its was the anniversary of the iconic AIR MAX technology, and it was amazing,

The Last day We went to a concert, Kid Ink came to Prague, He is a rapper from L.A. California, thats the kind of music we use to listen hiphop, R&B … so we had to go there.

click the link below :

We definitely had a good time together at Prague !




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