My First Month in Naples


I’ve been in Naples for a month and I can not be happier. There are so many things to say in such a short time.

Academy, classes

The classes are amazing, my favorite subject is painting because we have freedom to do everything we want, I’m improving a lot by drawing and that makes me very happy. The classes are very large and the classmates are friendly. My works:

img_2102.jpgimg_2002.jpgIMG_1976IMG_2085.JPGIMG_2003works in processIMG_1860






Apartment, relationship with my roommates

I am very happy with my roommates, we are three and there is much confidence but at the same time intimacy. Rubie is French and the other day she taught me how to make French croissants. Çagdash is Turkish and a very good person. We met with other people and had a great time.




Naples is very big, I keep going out and there is always something new to see. I love the shops and architecture of the city. I had the opportunity to go to the cinema to see “Beauty and the Beast” in italian language, a very interesting experience. Last week I went to an erasmus food of international food and a Spanish companion and I made omelette of potatoes, and they gave me sweets from Poland. There was food from France, Turkey, London, Poland, etc. People are very kind to me. And they love my photos and my drawings, and that makes me very happy.





Next week I’m going to Rome, I’m in a group called Erasmus Land and give information about excursions and activities to do in free time.

It is super curious the variety of things that are in supermarkets, the thousands of types of pasta that there is. I love the Naples pizza, it’s very good.

The harbor is beautiful, there are always lots of people

I hope to go to Florence and Capri too


I am very happy about the Erasmus experience, everything is going very well for me. I forget to write on the blog because I’m always doing things, or I’m having a good time.

I highly recommend Naples

I still have many things to see



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