Mixed Styles

There is something that is clear, and is that Prague is a great mix of styles and cultures. Every day that I walk through its streets I am surprised and find new things. I have to say a point against him and it is sometimes that I am sorry to see sculptures and facades of buildings, beautiful by their style, completely dirty and careless. They have a beautiful architecture, I hope they take care of it more.

Something impressive in the city is to find buildings of the purest Gothic style, but which also has a darker touch than usual. They remind me of the castle of Beauty and the Beast. I say they look like the castle of a Final Boss of some video game.


It’s scary, eh? It is majestic.
However, you can also find the opposite style, such as the famous ‘Building Danzante’, this strange construction crooked as if it were melting, or strange works like these bronze babies.

Moreover, another topic to talk about is life in the student residence. It’s interesting that strange coexistence that I have with other colleagues. My roommate is a Russian girl, friendly and talkative, very open minded who helps me in everything. However, the ones in the front room (we are two rooms sharing common kitchen and toilet) are strange … they never speak, just greet and avoid all human contact. They are quite antisocial, I have the theory that they are aliens …

Just kidding. I guess it’s a matter of luck.
I have done my own gastronomic experiments, because I still do not know how to cook Czech cuisine and although the restaurants are not expensive, I can not eat in them every day. My last successful experiment was the purple vegetable soup. Delightfully chromatic.


To finish I leave you the images of the last work that I have done in the school, a stamping of engraving on wood. Try to find all the animals! It was hard, the first time I worked this material, I ended up tired but I liked being able to try something new, I can not wait for my next job.

I plan to go to the zoo in Prague and make several trips in the next few days, and I’ll tell you. Regards!





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