Praha – Chronicles of first two weeks

I’ve been here for two weeks, and I have not really had time to write a good post about my stay.

The first weekend, we had to sleep in a hostel, because we arrived on a Saturday and we could not complete the student residence paperwork until Monday. We slept in the hostel Little Quarter, and there we met a Japanese boy named Ken. We made a friendship instantly, the lad was incredibly friendly and kind to us. He taught us a good part of the city and took us to very interesting sites such as a medieval tavern or some impressive monuments.

In addition, we met many Spanish speakers from different cities with whom we had a great weekend.

Then we finally settled in the residence. My room consists of a kitchen and a bathroom common to two rooms. I share mine with a roommate, but the first few days were strange to me, since my roommate was absent, and those in the opposite room always remained in her bedroom, with the door closed. I felt a little lost without knowing how the coexistence of this type worked. It took me three days to cross for the first time with one of them, but he just greeted me and little more …

Anyway, that was not problematic for me, because I could sleep alone in my room without being disturbed by anyone.

We met at the School of Arts a girl from Granada, with whom we also stayed for some walks. We have been seeing very interesting sites like the astronomical clock, and visited a restaurant called Vytópna where you can get the beers brought by small trains.

At school everything was awesome. It is a small school, but very well equipped. The teachers have been very kind to us and have given us a lot of freedom to start the work, although some of them speak in classes only in Czech, and that makes us bored a little.

That’s my painting in process, do you like it? 😀

We have continued to visit the city and discover new places each time. However, one of the most interesting places in town was in our own residence and we did not know it, until my friend’s roommate showed it to us.

The place is called Ego chajbar, and is under one of the buildings of the residence. It’s a quiet place with good music, where you can sit on the carpets, cushions and puffs while you drink a good beer, smoke a hookah, play board games or use the Wi-Fi, as I’m doing now to write this entry. And most importantly, it is full of wonderful people with whom in these few days we have been able to chat, have great moments, laugh and feel closer to this city. Thanks for all that!




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